Hypnotherapy for Health  

I am a fully qualified,registered Hypnotherapist with an interest in mind body techniques.
Appointments on line or in clinic in Oxfordshire 
I have an interest in how hypnotherapy, relaxation and guided visualisation techniques can be used as a
complimentary therapy to manage and relieve symptoms of medical and psychological conditions.

I specialise in  hypnotherapy for medical conditions and anxiety 
Through using hypnotherapy and guided imagery to help:

     Stress and anxiety

     Fertility problems       
     IVF support 
     Pregnancy anxiety                                                                                
     Irritable Bowel Syndrome

     Pain relief

     Fears and phobias
     Hypnosis for childbirth 
     Help reduce the anxiety and relieve the symptoms of cancer therapy
      Post viral fatigue 
For more information and to book an appointment please go to my main website which is: 


Most people find hypnotherapy a safe, positive, relaxing and enjoyable experience  
Hypnotherapy on line or in clinic for health and well being in Oxford, Oxfordshire, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire ,Berkshire ,fertility support, irritable bowel syndrome, hypnotherapy for childbirth, hypnobirthing,
fears, phobias, stress and anxiety, 
qualified registered female hypnotherapist practicing hypnotherapy  in oxford oxfordshire  buckinghamshire wheatley     abingdon  thame   berkshire    
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